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From Compact Tractor to Agricultural Fleets

Whether your clients run farms or smallholdings we know how essential their motor vehicles are to everyday work. That’s why we designed our Farm Motor Policy to offer all the benefits of comprehensive insurance plus some extras every farmer will appreciate all at a pleasingly affordable price.


Our Farm Motor Insurance Policy gives outstanding cover and peace of mind.

Our policy covers all the following key areas.

  • Agricultural Vehicles

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Private Cars

  • Quad Bikes & All-Terrain Vehicles

  • Trailers & Implement Attachments


Farmsure covers hundreds of farms and smallholdings and their vehicles. And we’ve done so for over twenty years.


We have a team of dedicated underwriters
with specialist agricultural experience, so you can be confident that we’ve got the necessary knowledge and know-how to provide the cover you need for your clients.


Our Farm Motor policies are placed through Markerstudy acting on behalf of insurers that are part of the ‘A’ rated QRe group of companies.

So, when, you insure with us you can be confident in our people and the cover you receive.


Our Farm Motor Insurance Policy covers all Agricultural Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Private Cars.
We can even include cover for Quad Bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles and unspecified trailers and implement attachments.

Cover for Every Size of Business:
Whether it's a single tractor or a large, mixed-vehicle fleet our policy has got the perfect cover.


Flexible Choice of Cover:
There are three levels of cover giving complete control over the premium; Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & 
Theft or Third Party Only.


Here are just some of the key benefits:



  • £100,000 Trailer & Implement Attachment Cover: We’ll cover up to £100,000 per trailer or attachment even if it’s detached. (More than 99% of customers are covered by this amount but we can separately insure items of greater value.

  • Internal Damage Cover: If an agricultural vehicle or any item it is towing is damaged internally by a foreign object, we’ll fund the repair.

  • £5,000 Personal Accident Cover: If the driver or passengers are permanently injured in a private vehicle a claim of up to £5,000 per person can be made.

  • £500 Additional Audio Equipment Cover: If there is additional audio equipment attached to the vehicle, we’ll pay up to £500 for its repair or replacement.

  • £250 Personal Item Cover: We’ll cover any personal items lost due to fire, theft or accidental damage for anyone in the vehicle. Ideal when keeping employees’ belongings insured should the worst happen.



  • New for Old: If a new vehicle is written off within the first 12 months of being registered, we’ll replace it with a brand-new one. (Applies to private cars and goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight.)

  • Free Replacement Locks: We give free and unlimited cover for all locks if the vehicle's keys are lost or stolen.

  • Glass Replacement: If any window glass on the vehicle is damaged, we’ll replace it (and with no excess if the window only needs a repair).



  • Driving Other Cars Cover: If our policy is taken out by an individual or jointly with their spouse then we can add Third Party insurance whilst driving any other private vehicle that does not belong to the named policyholder(s).

  • Protected No Claims Discount: Take this option and claims for two fault accidents can be made in 5 years without it affecting the No Claims Discount.



  • Multi-Section Premium Discount: If there is a mixture of vehicle types (for example, agricultural and commercial vehicles) then we can apply our exclusive multi-section discount of 15%.

  • Limited Mileage Premium Discount: If a horsebox lorry does under 9,000 miles per year, we’ll give up to a 40% discount on the premium.

  • Excess Premium Discount: Money can be saved on the premium simply by increasing the excess. 

  • Tracking Device Premium Discount: If there is a tracking device attached to a private vehicle the policy could be eligible for an additional premium discount.

  • Vehicle Age Premium Discount: We’ll reduce the premium automatically depending on age for both private and commercial vehicles.

  • Named Driver Premium Discount: If there is a limit of drivers applied to the commercial and private vehicles up to two per vehicle, we’ll apply an extra discount.

  • Please note that we cannot cover private cars and/or Quad Bikes and/or All Terrain Vehicles without also covering at least one other type of vehicle, such as an Agricultural Vehicle or a Commercial Vehicle.


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